Thursday, June 12, 2008

Idea: Instant Desktop File Previews

I don't consider myself an overly organised person and usually there is a lot of stuff scattered all over my desktop (usually for a quicker access later on). The problem is that current Windows XP operating system (I don't know about Vista though) doesn't give you much information when you roll a mouse over a particular file on your desktop. Here's an example as it is now:

So, wouldn't it be more convenient if it displayed an instant preview of the actual file? (similar to Snap Shots preview widget used in Wordpress). One could preview not only image files (jpeg, png, bmp, etc) but also all other possible formats like word docs, pdf, music files (audio preview), exel, etc.

Below are some examples of instant desktop previews of different file formats (click on image to enlarge):

1 comment:

Lenny said...

wow, this will really help a lot!
would suggest to post your idea at some programmers blogs or some kinda windows or apple software forum.
this feature really ads great value!