Sunday, May 31, 2009

Idea: A solution to Indian garbage problem.

There are two main problems in India: Poverty and street garbage. Here's a suggestion how one might tackle them:

The Indian government should involve street roaming beggars to help clean the country.

Why not to organize this army of free roaming shudras and pay them few rupees for collecting empty plastic bottles, bags and all sorts of discarded wrappings? It would be much cheaper than hiring special cleaning services and help millions of shudras (untouchables) to earn a small regular income. Say 1 kilo of rubbish for 10 rupees. (So that the next time a beggar approaches me with a stretched out hand, I could point to that rubbish he’s treading on!)

Here’s another point why street begging should be dealt with: begging is a profession in India and is controlled by slum mafia. Often young children are being deliberately mutilated to set them up "professionally".
I was often told by my Indian friends not to encourage this horrible industry by just handing out them money, but rather buy them some food. (Many of them refuse food and demand only money!)

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