Tuesday, June 01, 2010

On popular culture and mental diet

“Observation of an action automatically triggers simulation of that action (in the mind of the observer)… Premotor cortical neurons fire during goal directed actions as well as during observation of similar actions.” Dr. Bruce Lipton, Biology of Perception.

Dr. Lipton is a leading human DNA expert who proves that perception creates reality, and not the other way around as conventional knowledge holds.

If observation of an act leads to internal simulation of it, wouldn’t it be fair to say that 45% of western populace (market share of violent movies) enjoy to abuse or to be abused at least in their minds? If people enjoy watching horror movies, what does it tell about their level of consciousness? Are they emotionally retarded? Are they in need to stimulate their emotionally starved and insipid lives? Why do they voluntarily take pleasure in watching suffering and pain? Are they evil, sick or just dim?

My point is this: many millions of people in the west every day voluntarily tune in to watch other people dying! Mainstream culture makes killing other people look frequent, natural and easy. Oversaturation of death entertainment reduces the sacredness of life to triviality and makes violence as mundane as yogurt.

Terrence McKenna once famously said: “culture is not your friend”. And mainstream culture it seems is only a friend for mentally and emotionally retarded. Why so? Because it is shallow, uninspiring and vain. Here some popular examples:

Eurosong contests (low common denomination type of music), soap (for mentally, emotionally unchallenged), celebs (for audiences with low self worth), big brother and american idol types (for want-to-be-celebs), horror movies (for emotionally starved), fashion (vanity rules), etc.
From this list one can conclude that mainstream culture is not only a breeding nest for mediocrity but also is a miss for human values like compassion, empathy and unselfish love.

Popular culture seems to be similar to junk food. Most of us know about the benefits of food diet and fewer about the importance of mental diet. Which means: Junk culture has an effect on our mind similar to the effect of junk food on our body.

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