Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Age of Total Frankness might be next.

I believe it's very possible that during the major universal alignment, coming on 21 December 2012, the critical process of human DNA change will be triggered by powerful cosmic radiation reflected by the sun. The human species would suddenly acquire a psychic boost and be forced to live in the new brave world of total brutal frankness.

Social and Environmental impacts of mass telepathy.

Manly P. Hall on the next step of evolution of human consciousness:

"If a man acquires a full ESP:

He no longer will be able to keep a secret.
Nothing would happen without everyone knowing the facts of the matter.
All promotion, all publicity, all propaganda will lose influence.
An individual can not and will not be deceived.
He cannot be exploited.
He cannot in any way be prevented from knowing the truth about how other people feel about him.
Nor can he prevent other people from knowing how he feels about them."

Manly P. Hall

We already know and can see how the extension of a single sensory perception can completely overwhelm the whole pattern of modern society, forcing it into entirely different direction!

With full ESP awakened in every single individual the world would not need lawyers, advertisers, bankers, insurance agents, police, army, salesmen and psychiatrists!

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