Sunday, August 21, 2011

How my mind works (hypothesis)

Contrary to what i have been taught that it's a human mind that generates ideas, i believe that in my case it can be the opposite: ideas come from afar and shape my mind.

This is roughly how it goes:

Ideas (data) come from a big suprafield >> enter my personal field of consciousness (the cloud of personal mental sensitivity that surrounds my brain) >> there they get meshed up in the resonance of my mind field which allows to create new patterns and sequences of the received data. As soon as the new information has been created in my mind, it gets 'sucked out' from my personal field back into the suprafield.

Foundation of the hypothesis:

Contrary to a popular belief that our universe is expanding by 'pushing' (explosion from within), there is a theory that argues that the universe is expanding by 'pulling' (implosion from without), in other words the universe is being pulled apart by an invisible force from without called Attractor (Black Hole). I believe that this is also true with all ideas (data). In other words, I am not 'pushing' ideas out, it is the suprafield's gravity (Mental attractor) that pulls ideas out of my mind.


Mental Black Hole shapes my ideas.

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