Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Concept: Magick Maps

1. Map of inner alchemical magick, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Fire (instinctive nature) burns Water (emotional) to activate Air (mental) to manifest desire (expressed in the sigils)

2. Map of Sacred Union, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Sun and Moon, representing dualistic forces of nature, united to produce Life. The Sun stands for male, active, light, mental, electric. The moon stands for female, passive, water, emotions, magnetic.

3. Map of inner human cosmoses, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Cosmoses within a human body: Fire (cellular plane, red), Water (molecular plane, blue), Air (electronic plane, yellow), inside a physical body - Earth element (shape, black) and animated by the Spirit element (quantum plane, white). The visual is surrounded by corresponding Holy Names for each element.

4. Map of voodoo healing ritual, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis:  Shaman uses a voodoo doll representing a patient and is aided by a spiritual being, on his body is drawn the process and the desired outcome of the operation.

5. Map of contacting Holy Guardian Angel, acrylics on canvas, 112 x 86 cm
Vis: Magus in gnosis (trance) stands inside a magick circle and communicates with his HGA. In the circle we see his message to HGA written in magick alphabet.

6. Map of Mars and Venus, acrylics on canvas, 80 x 50 cm
Vis: Magus playing with the planetary spirits, with corresponding  planetary magick squares (cameas) and seals.

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