Sunday, July 01, 2012

Alt idea: Measures of Happiness

I really like the idea of measuring happiness across countries in an attempt to spark interest in using the emotion as metric for public policy. Here's an article about NYU's graduate student who set about baking the happy Index into cupcakes:

What i don't like is the medium chosen as it doesn't accurately reflect the country's data.

A better way to conduct the experiment would be to use a special app that would allow people to rate their daily moods using their mobile phones, i.e. sliding a bar between "plus" and "minus".

The ratings then would be automatically uploaded to a special website where the data is analysed and displayed in a personal timeline (a graph). Also, people could enter tags and upload pics. When online they can easily access any day of their life by simply clicking on the graph.

The app should be freely available in every country of the world.

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