Sunday, July 31, 2011

Rambling about psychedelic future

From my POV the main reason why our society is so obsessed with material stuff is due to the lack of access to alternative holographic realities. We are imprisoned in one hologram. Only about 2% of the world population can break through despite massive efforts of mind-control from the ruling powers.

Deliberately making people afraid of experiencing parallel realities (ASC) and disencouraging scientists from serious research, the ruling powers keep their populations firmly ‘locked’ in material paradigm (hologram).

As soon as they stop ‘their war on drugs’, there will be a cultural explosion empowered by emergence of radically new technologies that will unlock human latent psychic abilities. The material paradigm won’t be dominant anymore. The society will become more happy and less greedy.

Idea: Psy World Wide Web

The future of Internet?

The webs are created using 'right brain tech', which in my lexicon represents 'immaterial' or 'neurological' technologies where the brain is the only 'hardware' and mind is 'software'. Bio-chemical and shamanic in nature, these P2P networks won't need computers to connect to each other.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Idea: Anti Crisis collective brand

Followed by home made clothes, tools, etc.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Idea: People launguge

A quote encoded in a special language where people represent words:

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Ideas choose people

Here's a thought: It is a fundamental fallacy to think that we people come up with ideas on our own. In fact, ideas find people to manifest themselves. Ideas are processes. They use people as 'petri dishes' or vehicles for their fulfillment. It's ideas who choose people and not the other way around. I guess that means one has to be worthy to be chosen.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Portraits of spirits

digital artwork of scrying images

Liquidified 'Goodbye' edition

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pies on the wall

Crystal gazing tachnique

meditation on the beach
background music: Aes Dana | Signs

Monday, July 18, 2011

Idea: Parallel (game) universe experience

Problem: If you play a lot of video games and have thought that they are starting to look very similar, you are not alone. 'Threequels and sequels' - the latest games reviewed.

Solution: Why not set up a special online game platform where players of one game can temporarily find themselves in a parallel universe , i.e. a rival game?

Imagine you are playing 'Call of Duty' online and suddenly there's a 'glitch' and you are in the middle of 'Battlefield' and then, 10 min later, you find yourself fighting in 'Halo' and then back to where you started - 'Call of Duty'.

Idea: Magical initiation for an exclusive car

For an exclusive launch of a new super car, Mercedes Benz sets up a special magickal initiation ritual website.

Below is an example of a teaser print featuring a magick copy which customers will be able to understand once they pass the initiation process:

Below is a guideline of a traditional structure.

Idea: IKEA to introduce furniture for inner space

This is a futuristic concept for Ikea:

Idea: Bodyshop to introduce new product lines

According to traditional esoteric knowledge humans have at least 4 main bodies: Physical (symbolized by North and element of Earth), Spiritual ( South and Fire element), Emotional (West and Water element) and Mental (East and Air element).

Why not develop new product lines designed to work with each individual body?

Below's a branding example of the concept with corresponding colours:

Friday, July 15, 2011

Waking vs Dreaming

When in a dream state, our minds lose gravitational pull of the ego and can float to parallel worlds.

Entoptic Art

see also here.

Advertising Art & Magick

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Idea: Future of European Union

Problem: Collapse of the current political, social and economic structure of European Union.

Solution: To allow citizens of Europe to choose what political and economic society they prefer to live, according to their values and principles. i.e.:

1. CAPITALISTAN: for people who enjoy working hard and make lots of money.
2. SOCIALISTAN: for people who like to live in a 'nanny' state.
3. TRIBALISTAN: for people who reject all of the above, reject consumerism and governmental control, prefer to live in small sustainable communities, independent and self-governing.

The future EU won't have countries but will be divided on 3 main society zones based on alternative political and economic values.

All 3 society zones will have an agreement of no expansion or interference with each other. Each model will have a sovereign control over its natural resources. Trading of land and natural resources between the zones will be restricted. For example, Capitalistan won't be able to use in any way natural resources of Tribalistan. And 'entrepreneurs' from Tribalistan won't be able to sell it.

To ensure that the equilibrium between the societies is not tipped by one or another society-model, a special UN of Europe will be established. Its task will be to keep political forces of each society from interfering into internal matters of each other,i.e. waging wars, slander, etc.

In my opinion, the future of each society zone will be determined by free and unrestricted migration of populace. To join a system would require to sign a legal contract (responsibilities and rights). Contracts can be permanent or temporary.

Unsustainability of debt based economy

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Shamanic journey

time-lapse recording of hallucinogenic experiment
music: talamasca | tribal journey

Friday, July 08, 2011


Thursday, July 07, 2011

Idea: Alcohol Patch

as an alternative to traditional oral consumption:

Works on the same principle as a tobacco patch: to the blood via the skin.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Sword practice

Some points on how to stimulate creativity

1. Inhibitory state of consciousness vs Excitatory state.

2. Excitatory is caused by new information stream.

3. To allow the stream into our psyche the Inhibitory must be deactivated.

4. It can be achieved by altering personal state of consciousness.

5. There are many different methods.

6. When Inhibitory dominates Excitatory, synopses of brain cortex become less fluidic and the person becomes more like a robot.

7. When Excitatory dominates, pineal gland is stimulated and the person becomes more free spirited.

8. Creativity is spirit that thrives on irrelevant streams of information.

9. Irrelevant is what is outside the 'Channel Normal'.

Saturday, July 02, 2011

Transcendental Art : Entoptic forms

Conventional art is based on perception of outside world (material objects), whereas entoptic (or transcendental) art is generated by inner world (nervous system) and represents different types of subjective visual phenomena.

Entoptic art is psychosomatic in nature and comes out of oneself - namely from the psyche of participating observer.

Interestingly enough, the very first art form on the planet was ‘kick started’ by taking psychoactive ingredients in the diet of the first artists.

“Lewis-Williams and Dowson brought forward the original thesis that Paleolithic art is inspired by subjective visual phenomena, seen and depicted by shamans or spiritual men and women during altered states of consciousness.”

T. McKenna’s “Stoned Ape Theory” is also closely related to this entopic phenomena.

Entoptic forms are created (and perceived) by means of altering a state of consciousness of the observer. A good analogy would be a psychedelic drug. Another good example – a stroboscopic flicker device that produces visual stimuli in the mind of the observer. In other words, these art forms are created out of neurological makeup of the observer, inside the head, responding to external stimuli.

Since entoptic art is a self made, self generated type of art, it is relevant to mention: the better is the observer’s imagination; the richer is the art experience.

Entoptic phenomena is related to the ‘Observer’s Paradox’ principle from quantum physics. (It has been proven that conscious act of observation changes behavior of the observed object.) So, I assert that in entoptic trance observation equals creation.

As more people become interested in exploring personal psyche, ‘right brain’ technologies and gather more accurate understanding of how a human mind works – the creation of new diverse psychoactive stimuli will follow.

Just as with all thoughts and feelings of humankind, the original entoptic creations are stored in the planet’s noosphere (collective consciousness layer) and can be easily accessed through an appropriate stimuli. Note: stimuli dont have to be only psychoactive drugs, they can be physical devises like the dream machine lamp (mentioned above), sense deprivation tanks (Dr. Lilly's), holotropic breathwork, and other techniques to achieve alternative state of consciousness.
For example, famous shamanic paintings of Pablo Amaringo for me are just physical 3D ‘copies’ of the non-physical entopic art forms he mentally created/experienced with the help of ayahuasca stimuli.

Eventually, when the mainstream culture finally moves on from the current ‘material’ worldview paradigm to a more spiritual perception of reality (2012?), the notion of ‘art’ will also acquire a spiritually deeper meaning.

The new entoptic art paradigm will be mankind's rediscovery of the original psychedelic roots of art itself.

Another good reason to have a dog

What I expect to see in 2012