Monday, July 30, 2007

Indian Dancer vs Sinatra

just wanted to see how they would look together :)

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Idea: video for Zaadz

a script for viral video to promote Zaadz Enlightenment network, computer animation of subatomic particles:

Monday, July 16, 2007


This is a current project of Xgeronimo in Auroville. (International lab city for a sustainable future models).

Traditional advertising mediums (TV, Outdoor, Press, etc.) are generally too expensive.

This always makes advertisers to be interested in alternative (and cheaper) places to display their ads.

Consumers are getting more environmentally conscious and thus expecting their brands to be more environmentally active too.

Why not to offer advertisers to “recycle” their old ads on a new, original medium as well as sponsoring an environmental project?

Here’s how:

1. We produce at least 1000 shopping bags made from old newspapers.

2. For a moderate donation we promise advertisers to “recycle” their old newspaper ads by gluing them on our 1000 recycled shopping bags.

3. We involve several newspapers to create necessary publicity.

4. We freely distribute our bags with ads across several selected shops and supermarkets in Pondi (and maybe later across the country) as free alternative shopping bags.

5. Money generated from “re-selling” old ads will be invested in various environmental community projects.

The bags will be made only from eco-friendly or recycled materials. Brands that aren’t sensitive to environmental issues won’t be involved in the project.

to be continued.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Idea: Celebrity Pool for consumer products

Here's an idea for a website where visitors can choose different celebrities to review various consumer products.

The Pool (let's call it like this for now) is a consumer oriented web 2 platform that sets itself as an alternative to traditional advertising product endorsement as well as an active sponsor for various humanitarian projects.

The concept:

The Pool invites a number of prominent people / celebrities to act as critics (jury) on behalf of the general public to give their unbiased personal opinion about a range of consumer products.

The Pool's jury is elected by a public vote of confidence. For example, The Pool’s online forum where users get to choose their “trustworthy” stars to rate a range of competing products (i.e. seven mobile phone brands, lingerie, digital cameras, etc.).
For each campaign project there is a new jury selection.

The Jury’s verdicts could be published in a separate publication (The Pool Magazine) or in other independent media, including TV, internet, events, PR or ambient.

The Pool’s mission is to act in the public interest as an alternative to the celebrity product endorsement that is on the payroll by a certain brand.

For example: (click on the image to enlarge)

How it works:

Each month The Pool creates a list of potential critics, i.e. 25 celebrities and publishes the candidates on the website.
Online users select 7 candidates for participation.
The Pool approaches the chosen five and lets them know that they were elected and entrusted by the general public to participate in the next month product survey campaign.
By taking part in the campaign they would act in public interest as well as supporting various good causes: 10 % of the Pool’s revenue goes to support various charity projects and organisations. The latter should be well publicised for the jury members as well as for the rest of general public.

When the Jury is complete The Pool approaches the brand manufactures (according to the selected consumer product theme that is to be featured, i.e. mobile phones, etc.) and invited to submit their products for the judgement. The manufacturers should be advised that this action has a number of benefits for the brands, for example, it shows that the brand is very confident in its product, will get a genuine independent celebrity endorsement as well as gaining consumer trust and sympathy for sharing social indirect sponsorship of good causes.

There should be an equal number of critics and brands for each campaign, i.e. 7 celebrities and 7 mobile phone brands.

Who pays whom and how much (approximate model):

A brand is paying The Pool 30.000 euros as an entry fee.
7 products - 210.000 in fees collection.

- 70.000 (salary for the juros -10.000 each)
- 40.000 (media expences)
100.000 (salary for the Pool agency)
- 10% (10.000 euros sponsorship for good causes)
90.000 euros – total salary for The Pool. (per month)