Sunday, January 24, 2010

Idea: NATO condoms

Durex and NATO have one thing in common - it's all about protection!
To celebrate NATO's 60th Aniversary Durex produces special edition condoms:

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Magick Arts

magician's circles of work:

1. eclectic chaos version

2. planetary forces, sigilised mandalas version

work in progress...

Idea: Temporary “friend list” swapping on Facebook.

Imagine you have an opportunity to find yourself surrounded by complete strangers and see how they interact, their interests… and maybe if you like someone you can invite them into your own circle of friends!

i.e. You have 150 friends. For 1 day your list can be swapped for 150 random strangers. If you have only 30 friends, you get 30 strangers.

This idea probably needs to be done with cooperation of Facebook, which is most likely because this project promotes more connectivity within the social network.

Idea: Buy a doll and sponsor the child

There are plenty of children in the 3rd world countries who would benefit from public support. The is also a trend of buying very realistic looking dolls… and they cost between 150 and 500 $!

Why not to make dolls that are exact copies of the real children in need and use it as a marketing tool to raise money for their support?
A project in cooperation with children support organization, perhaps?

For example:

Idea: Audio-Visual Lie Detector widget

This application can detect subtle changes in voice and speech delivery pattern.
Also it can track the eye and body movement of the speaker.
All the data is processed and shows a high probability result if the person is telling the truth or not.

Idea: Recycling old TV ads into game quiz

The idea is to recycle already existing classical (otherwise non-interactive) TV ads by adding to them a layer of interactivity.

How it works:

On a special website a viewer is offered to watch a random classic TV commercial and in the end he is presented with a set of random questions related to the just watched commercial. For example:

Idea: FB Fantasy Friends

Why not develop a widget that would allow to create personal fantasy friends list? Or people you really admire and wish to become friends with?

Here's my personal FFB list:

Idea: Hopscotch credit card number

The idea is to encourage adults to exercise by hopscotching for a bonus. All they have to do is to make 16 random hops on a specially designed hopscotch mat that works like a numeric keypad.
The person who hits the right digital number of the credit card gets a reward, i.e. a credit card loaded with free 500€ to spend.

click on the pic to enlarge: