Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dogface shroom

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bubble thoughts

Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing God with ants

is a book that i will or will not write.

There is an old hermetic axiom: as above, so below. This made me assume our reality as a fractal of a bigger (incomprehensible) world... and this in turn made me think that we people must be subjects to a higher levels of intelligence (Gods)... and this made me imagine how lower consciousness life forms must be "looking up" to us humans - we must be gods for them!
Now here's another twinkle of a thought: if everything is a fractal of an infinite cosmic progression it would be fair to suppose that the way we, as gods, treat our low consciousness brothers (like ants for example) is intimately linked to the way our gods (superior brothers) treat us. As above, so below.

On a practical side, the book might be about how to develop a magickal way of seeing reality to gain more control over (increasingly chaotic) everyday life. That implies chucking away old conventional wisdom we were taught by our outdated educational system and upgrading for the new ones, i.e:

Believing is seeing and not the other way around as we've been programmed.

The truth is a process and not a fixed state (it has expiration dates like memes).

Subjective reality dictates objective reality.

Brain is a hardware, mind is a code that gets regularly re-written by forces of nature.

We can befriend viruses (change agents of life) to gain more control of the desired outcome.

Influencing collective mind of ants is similar to influencing collective mind of people.

In short, the book might be about right brain technology magick.

I quite like this cover:

Climate Change # 2

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Mexican weekend

a video i made last weekend... inspired by mexican

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Revue Your Life Every 30 Seconds

just came across this cool gadget from Vicon Revue via information
that lets users automatically document their life ... every 30 seconds (i guess the timing is programmable). Above is a video with the product demonstration.

Watchtower Shpongle Dreamscape vrmx

work of the day: little animation
boy meets his guardian angel in his astral travel

music Shpongle - Fruit Flute

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Idea: Helmet made from turtle shell

Idea: VoxBox for social media

How it works:

We let people record a sound with their mouth (just like beatboxing) via their webcams and store it on a special website... it could be a musical note (do,re,me,fa,so,la,si,do), imitation of a music instrument, a drone, whistle, unusual sound, etc.)... and then build an app that can put these sounds in certain musical style templates (dubstep, drum'n'base, hip hop, etc)... so it will be like social beatbox...
Since the sounds come with the visuals the program will also create a video rmx with actual faces making the sound... this will make a perfect viral video for youtube: facebook voxbox competition with different FaceBook friends circles competing for the best vox mix.

Here’s an example of music keyboard interface:

With all the usual sound machine special effects and controls.

Beatboxing is an increasingly popular style of making tunes with a mouth. Here’s a reference link to the current beatboxing champion Birdyman from UK (my favourite)

Idea: Write the future.

A small widget app that FBook users can install. It appears on the screen every few days, displays some random headline and asks if it’s likely to happen in the nearest future or not.

Second option offers to write your own headline and set the time when it’s likely to happen. would display statistical data of people votes as well as the entire archive with user generated headlines.

Users also have an option to vote for the most popular future headline.

Bild Newspaper would offer a reward, for example a bit of cash, to anyone who correctly predicts the future or picks the right headline.

Headlines can also be posted via Twitter.

The problem with advertising...

... is that old tricks of the trade ain't working anymore!

here's an example that immediately causes a skeptical reaction:

In psychology this old trick is called " deliberate projection of personal need as fact" which means it's a sure sign of lacking thereof.

Why would a brand pay an ad agency to say that it is number one?
Because it is obviously not a number one yet!

obviously nobody knows about it or nobody cares about it.

and by the way, wouldn't it to be more trustworthy for somebody else to say this?

Apparently not every brand (or ad agency) realizes that people are increasingly capable of deconstructing their "old school" selling propositions and "self congratulatory" ads like this only create a wall of skepticism.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Idea: New Polaroid camera can capture human soul

Polaroid was once very cool. Now, with the advent of digital instant gratification photography it is nothing special.

Here's an idea how to make a comeback:
Design a personal camera that can also capture the images of human soul.

To use an existing technology of Kirilan and Aura photography. At the moment there are some cameras built for this purpose, but they are mainly produced for hospitals and their design is rather industrial and bulky.

I believe it's time for Polaroid to surprise the photography market again and be the first to bring this technology to a mass market in a slick design and affordable price.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Idea: Be a doll and shave your kitty.

How to become God in 3 steps

A fresh angle for a new sci-fi movie?

Would love to see a sci-fi movie that explores this scenario of human evolution and with the following tag line:

instead of the usual "dominate or die" direction of thinking, that is.

It would be interesting to see a world without any power structures, controlling institutions or religions. Utopia? Not necessarily. If you combine a climate catastrophe, a new electromagnetic radiation from cosmos that changes human DNA and some help from friendly aliens - we'd be there sooner rather than later.

Idea: Axe side effects

I am bored to see ads flogging generic sex appeal i.e. men's products like Braun shavers, deodorants, etc. - all promising hordes of good looking women filling lives (most probably pathetic) of single males. They all focus on looks rather than character of women.

As an alternative for more discerning males why not develop a strategy that focuses more on the quality (as opposed to quantity) of the attraction?

examples with mythical archetypes:

Saturday, May 08, 2010

Revew: Lies well told

Here are my thoughts I had when watching Spike Jonze's Twizzler commercial (above). I would like to present them in Enochian font:

Friday, May 07, 2010


The problem with the news is political bias. To get a more or less objective picture of what is really happening in the world one must watch at least more than one news channel.

Why not set up online news portal that would syndicate all major news channels in one place, i.e. called

for example, if there is an important world news, we get to see more than one point of view of the event ( side-by-side) and therefore can form an unbiased (objective) evaluation of what's happening in the world.

another advantage: it would help to easily distinguish individual political and economical interests these news channels propagate.

related to my previous post

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Pass The Blame outdoor promotion

We placed blames on a tree at one of Berlin's playgrounds.
This video shows what happened when the kids discovered them.

Kaos Magick Ritual

Idea: Best tea deserves best water

A tea company sponsors a 3 part adventure documentary exploring the most remote and purest sources of water on earth, i.e. mountains, icebergs, etc.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Idea: Outdoor experience at home

A special night glowing ceiling wallpaper with a choice of different star constellations for private bedrooms.

Hardcore star gazers might also enjoy a special lcd film wallpaper with live feed from and interactive space map.

Motorbike anti-theft magick spell

spell programmed in january 2010 .
the bike was left parked on the street, invisible
for thieves during my 3 months absence from the country.