Monday, June 29, 2009

Oasis - Dig Out Your Soul In The Streets

a brilliant idea from BBH to let street musicians remix and play songs from Oasis's upcoming album. So simple, so viral.

I wonder why not to let each street artist their own live video streams on the internet? Each profile will have a google map with current location of the artist and a paypal donate button. See my previous idea for as an example.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Desmond Dekker: feline rmx

one day i woke up in my hut to discover a wild cat mother and a kitten lying next to me.
the mother, probably fearing for the safety of her kitten (dogs, crows, etc), decided to move her family to my bungalow. they stayed for over a week until the kitten was big enough to climb down the staircase.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

This is a link definitely worth sharing: is a place where forward thinking terrestrials exchange ideas and information about the state of the world we create and inhabit. Inspiring and insightful. Here are a couple of the introductory videos from the site:

Monday, June 22, 2009

Idea: A Fight Tank (mobile emergency service)

Problem: How many times did you have an argument with someone and later really regretted that you didn't record it? It could be for reasons of personal record, entertainment value, educational value or even as a legal evidence.

Solution: Why not to set up a service that offers a special mobile room where customers can sort out their differences in an organized and fruitful manner?

A FightTank van, for example, that can be easily rented out when you need to have that serious talk with someone. Click on pic to enlarge:

All arguments are automatically recorded by installed inside cameras for further study or references. The service promotes a constructive argument and personal awareness.

(A set of disposable vases to smash around is available upon the request.)

Couples who seek an objective opinion may also choose to get their tapes analyzed by an independent specialist (i.e. as a free bonus for customer loyalty :)

Mobility of the service also let's the customers to choose appropriate settings for their disputes, for example, a countryside waterfall, a back street alley, a fairground car park, etc.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Happiness project

Wise men tell us: Unhappiness is caused by our excess of desires and worries over trifle things. Here's a simple idea to communicate it:

Also works on street waste/litter baskets, rubbish bins, etc.

The idea would work for a public health organization, a psychotherapist, spiritual website, etc.

Idea: McPorn

Anti fast food guerilla project idea: large stickers over McDonald's outdoor ads featuring naked obese models:

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Monday, June 15, 2009

United by trivia.

i don't know, maybe it's just me.. but after spending some time out of the system you come back to civilization and look at things afresh... and you see rather psychotic's what i mean:

Is the community really obsessed with such trivial bonding ...or is it some kind of conspiracy? )

A healthier option, perhaps:

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Audition for a revolution

It's random, but I like it.

Auditions for a Revolution“, 2006 by Irina Botea.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Idea: LeBay is the new eBay

Strategic reasoning: In the time of recession people tend to buy less and share more. So why not to design a new product that would let people auction their items only for temporary use?
It’s like leasing meets ebay. Let’s call it LeBay for example:

As part of marketing strategy to launch the site we invite special celebrity guests to rent out some of their personal items to general public. The money raised from their rented out belongings will go to a charity of their choice. i.e. Madonna rents out her old sofa to support hungry children in Africa, or Ronaldo rents out his car to support decriminalization of marijuana, whatever.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Idea: Treeman

Concept idea for Treehugger, perhaps?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Idea: Puma Reflex

I was jogging the other night... and nearly run over some dosy street cat. So I thought, why not to have a special night glowing sneaker and call it REFLEX? I know that light reflective sneakers aren't anything new, but what the heck, I wanna do my own design.

Here's what I would like to wear next time in a dark alley at night:

A banner (above) and the product itself (below)

Monday, June 08, 2009

Give a littel love (Indian rmx)

I shot this video where I stayed in the south of india: Pondicherry /Auroville

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Idea: Car hire for kids

What if kids, just like adults, could also hire their toy cars instead of buying them?

Below is an example for a well known German car rental brand (Sixt) offering toy cars online.
Done in the same corporate identity style as their "adult" site:

Idea: Fridge with time lock

According to statistics we have now over 1 billion adults worldwide who are seriously overweight. Why not to sell fridges with a programmable time lock?

WeightWatchers and Phillips business venture perhaps?

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Pass The Blame Rmx

using footage from Duplicity:

Pass The Blame Rmx from xgeronimo on Vimeo.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Concept Magick Cube

I designed this cube using a sigil magick. The cube is made from red marble and is meta-programed to receive and store energy from places with very strong ambience, i.e. football stadiums, train stations, worship places, etc. I have placed little "bugs" in a few places like that as special transmitters. They connect the cube with the energy source and channel the energy directly into the cube where it is purified and stored for further use. This cube has 3 energy sources:

a close up shot of the magick cube and the "bug" (sigilised pebble as transmitter):

below is a graphically designed map of the concept cube in 2D.
the sigils on each side of the cube are converted into mandalas with a special graphic symbol
to illustrate it's function:

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Idea: How to fight video piracy.

How would you deal with pirates selling illegal copies of your original product?

Answer: I would become a kind of pirate too! I would start chipping off a big chunk from their (pirates) profits by starting to sell my own “original fakes” and right on their own turf… aiming to take customers away from them. I would give people an option to buy cheaper versions of my original products (with worse quality, of course).
For example, lets take the famous Kaosan Road in Bangkok where backpackers for 150 baht can buy a copy of any latest movie or software program. It is a very strategically important spot, thousands of tourists roaming in hordes there 24/7! So I would open a small shop there with a big sign:

And the street vendors selling “not original fakes” (not endorsed by the legal owner) can do nothing, for they have no legal leverage to complain.
The “original fakes” would cost half the established pirate price (i.e. 50 instead of 150 baht) and some popular items I would be giving out for free!

Here's an example:

Thus we'd gain:

1. 50 baht for each copy which otherwise would go to pirates (a million copies sold a year!).

2. economic weakening of illegal piracy marketiers.

3. make a lot of people happy

(Current market price for a fake copy movie is set to 3€ (150 baht) since a few years now. Competition will be forced to match their prices to be able to stay afloat. When this happens, we start offering ALL our products for free. This will eventually eliminate the pirate competition.)

p.s. why not to set up a special counter-piracy enterprise agency sponsored by all major movie studios? With outlets in all major tourist nests in South East Asia and India.

why not even sell a bulk of our legal fakes for pennies to local street vendors so that they would flood the fake market and undermine competitors?

Eventually fakes become almost worthless! Demand for originals will soar.

Idea: Soul-gazing as a dating event

They say, your eyes are the mirrors of your soul. Why not to have a dating service for soul gazers? Or rather a “speed dating“ style event where strangers sit in front of each other for a few minutes or so, silently looking into each other eyes and say nothing (perhaps making notes afterwards). anyone?

Or why not to push this blind dating thing further and make it literary blind: blindfolded couples date each other by means of dancing and talking (no visual contact!). This method of dating might would be most appreciated by “touchy and feely” couples.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Idea: Money of the future

In the future we shall have different money currency from what we are having now.
And it won’t be Euro or Dollar or Gold or any other currency attached to a solid object. I believe that the future money currency will be ENERGY. Why? Because everything is energy. And energy is everything. Our future “money” will resemble a system of energy circulation in nature with the same principle applied to our society.

Our future money won’t have a fixed physical property, like coins or banknotes. It will be pure energy, perhaps digitally encoded and divided into special currency units and it could be called something like Energy Currency Unit (ECU), or Chi, or else.

This energy based currency has a big advantage over "normal" money. Money has to be constantly reprinted to control it’s value. Energy, on the other hand, we cannot artificially create nor can we physically destroy it. We can only manage it or transform from one state to another, i.e. kinetic energy into physical energy, etc. Money is abstract and relative. Energy is concrete and permanent. So, a money system that is based on energy principle is a naturally sustainable system (which goes well with the growing in popularity idea of resource economy!).

Another major difference of ECU-Chi currency over Euro, Dollar, etc is that it opens up totally new ways how to earn and manage your energy-money.

Here’s an example: Say you are broke and need some money. With present money system you are obviously not allowed to print some for yourself but have to do some specialized work in order to be paid. In the future you can “make” your own ECUs using your natural resources. Or in other words you can convert one type of energy into ECU-Chi using special “energy converters” (a special technology that would allow us to recycle all sorts of energy and store it). For instance, personal e-converters would be able to transform ordinary physical energy into a specially encoded kinetic type sort of energy to be stored there in ECU-Chi format. When it is full you can transfer your “money” into you bank account or charge up your shopping paycard.
So, if you are stuck with no money you can always have an option to top up you account by converting your own physical energy into "money". Say, a few hours of dancing would produce energy worth approximately 1 ECU-Chi. If you are fit you can make quite a bit of “pocket money”. When everybody can “sweat out” instant money at will, it would make the current concept of unemployment not quite the same. Moreover – there will be less fat people!

Of course we already have examples of this technology trend – night clubs with energy storing floors, gym machines to charge batteries, etc. All this technology eventually will go personal (like computers and cell phones). When this happens, we can expect a radical shift from traditional money value system towards more sustainable and liberating future.

Here are some positive things to expect out of it:

There will be less crime!
There won’t be starving people!
And there won’t be any more credit crunches either!