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Friday, June 29, 2012

Coincidence or not?

This idea apparently has won Bronze Lion @ Cannes this year. It was submitted by DDB BRASIL São Paulo. What's curious is that I have posted an identical idea 2 years ago here on my blog.

 And here's a screenshot from my Google Analytics page that shows viewing traffic of my blog from  São Paulo:


Coincidence or not, you can make up your mind.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Concept: Postcards as magick talismans

There are 7 cards. Each card is designed as a planetary talisman corresponding to a particular day of a week. Each talismanic card focuses on a particular spiritual force that, when ‘activated’, can help in achieving personal dreams and goals.

Concept of mandala design:

A sacred name of planetary intelligence is spun around with a precise number of divisions to create a dynamic ‘vortex’ with a centre. (example above: Moon mandala with 81 divisions.) A word placed in the centre of this vortex automatically acquires its dynamic properties.

Graphics of the talisman include:

1. Name and glyph of the planet.
2. Glyph of the intelligence.
3. Mandala of the intelligence’s glyph with corresponding number of divisions.
4. Sacred numbers corresponding to the planet.
5. Planetary seal.
6. Space inside the mandala to write your wish.

How to use talismanic cards:

1. Make a wish.
2. Choose a card with talismanic properties related to your wish. For example, Venus properties are helpful in matters of the heart; Mars is useful when you need aggressive energy boost; Mercury helps in matters of communication and business, and so on. (see the full list below)
3. Print the card and write a wish in the centre of mandala. 
4. Put the card in an envelope, write down your own postal address on it and post it to yourself on the day of the week corresponding to the card. For example, Moon is for Monday, Mars is for Tuesday, etc. (If your post office is not open on Sunday, just drop it in the letter box.) 
5. Once you receive your post card back, the talisman would be officially ‘activated’ on the date indicated on the post office stamp. 

Talismanic properties of the planets: 

1. Sunday. Ruled by intelligence of the Sun: Michael 
Helps in matters of: Intelligence, Healing, Motion, Loftiness, Fortune, Public reputation, Authority over the masses, Fatherhood, Friendship, Honors, Wisdom, Happiness and Purification. 

2. Monday. Ruled by intelligence of the Moon: Gabriel Helps in matters of: Instincts, Conception, Emotions, Marriage, Nurture, Motherhood, Dreams, Psychic Powers and Intuition. 

3. Tuesday. Ruled by intelligence of Mars: Camael Helps in matters of: Forcefulness, Vitality, Endurance, Aggression, Self-Defense, Power, Strength and Courage. 

4. Wednesday. Ruled by intelligence of Mercury: Raphael 
Helps in matters of: Intelligence, Communication, Business, Judgment, Travel, Skills, Memory, Transportation, Education and Arts. 

5. Thursday. Ruled by intelligence of Jupiter: Sachiel 
Helps in matters of: Expansiveness, Abundance, Luck, Wealth, Health, Honor, Wisdom, High Position and Authority. 

6. Friday. Ruled by intelligence of Venus: Anael 
Helps in matters of: Love, Pleasure, Beauty, Growth, Social Graces, Harmony, Emotions, Inspiration, Art and Friendship. 

7. Saturday. Ruled by intelligence of Saturn: Cassiel 
Helps in matters of: Responsibility, Patience, Steadfastness, Fate, Time, Limitations, Self-Control and Work.

The full set of cards here.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Concept: Magick Maps

1. Map of inner alchemical magick, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Fire (instinctive nature) burns Water (emotional) to activate Air (mental) to manifest desire (expressed in the sigils)

2. Map of Sacred Union, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Sun and Moon, representing dualistic forces of nature, united to produce Life. The Sun stands for male, active, light, mental, electric. The moon stands for female, passive, water, emotions, magnetic.

3. Map of inner human cosmoses, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis: Cosmoses within a human body: Fire (cellular plane, red), Water (molecular plane, blue), Air (electronic plane, yellow), inside a physical body - Earth element (shape, black) and animated by the Spirit element (quantum plane, white). The visual is surrounded by corresponding Holy Names for each element.

4. Map of voodoo healing ritual, acrylics on canvas, 86 x 86 cm
Vis:  Shaman uses a voodoo doll representing a patient and is aided by a spiritual being, on his body is drawn the process and the desired outcome of the operation.

5. Map of contacting Holy Guardian Angel, acrylics on canvas, 112 x 86 cm
Vis: Magus in gnosis (trance) stands inside a magick circle and communicates with his HGA. In the circle we see his message to HGA written in magick alphabet.

6. Map of Mars and Venus, acrylics on canvas, 80 x 50 cm
Vis: Magus playing with the planetary spirits, with corresponding  planetary magick squares (cameas) and seals.

Original canvases and high quality prints available to buy at

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Saturday, June 09, 2012

From Nobel to Flamel

A headline I'd like to see in the near future:

In an effort to promote unselfish human gene, a secret society of alchemists openly admits its possession of Life Elixir - a substance with  mystical powers to induce immortality.

The society firmly states that Elixir of Life will never be offered for sale,  but instead given for free to the most unselfish people of the world,  for example, to publicly nominated candidates at a special annual Unselfish Gene Flamel Prize event, named after the acclaimed medieval alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

Flamel Prize. 
Unselfish people deserve to live longer.

Random fish experiment

What would happen if we take 3 common types of fish, put them in 3 different aquariums interconnected by tubes and introduce a border control?



Thursday, June 07, 2012

Artwork empowered by personal magick


An object, typically an inscribed ring or stone, thought to have magic powers and to bring good luck.

Why not have a special painting (at home or office) that would work just like a talisman? 

Buy one of my paintings I have designed as talismanic template and inscribe on it your own sigil. 

Because adding your energy to the painting would make it truly personal as well as atone it to your more specific needs.

A talismanic template consists of a main theme image, supporting symbols and a special area for the customer’s personal sigil to be added to the painting after the purchase:

Template's title: Shaman instructing spirit. (acrylics on canvas, unframed)
Qualities: Earth and planet Saturn.

See more templates as well as already 'sigilised' examples here

If you are interested to buy one for yourself or have any questions, drop me a line.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

theory of light + sigils

Idea: Soft drink gives magic tips

video example:

Concept: Future drugs

A selection of pills that change personal perception of reality and allows to see oneself from other person's point of view, i.e.:

Sunday, June 03, 2012

Post Modern Banking

At the moment banks make profit from playing with customer’s savings as well as charging them with different sorts of fees related to the accounts.
Thus bankers make a double-kill: they ‘milk’ people and the people’s money. This might be acceptable in the past but is increasingly seen as unethical and greedy. Especially in the light of Occupy Wall Street movement which sends a clear message: Greed is bad for business!

I’d like to see a bank with honest strategy: PEOPLE BEFORE PROFIT. 

1. The bankers should realize that when customers give their money/savings to a bank, it’s the bank’s privilege and not the customer’s.

2. Practically it means that a bank should treat its private account holders as equal partners and make all their accounts activity absolutely FREE (no annual fees for credit cards, any money transactions or any other hidden or unhidden costs.)

3. The bank makes money only from outside business investments!