Friday, May 30, 2008

Idea: Package design for wine

Wine bottles are heavy and boring. Why not to produce a special wine container in a shape of realistic looking vine grape? Wine lovers can pick individual grapes from the vine and savour the wine by gently pressing the grape in the mouth.

The grape vine packaging is made from special gummy material that can be eaten or not.

The idea also works with strong alcoholic beverages based on grapes, i.e. grape vodka, liquors, etc.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Idea: Intimate brand messaging on t-shirts

In the previous post I introduced my idea for self messaging t-shirts (MantraTees).

Shortly afterwards I had another idea: Why not to use this concept for corporate branding? I mean to use it as a platform for brand's personal messaging to the wearer.

Below is an example of Starbucks brand asking a personal queastion to the wearer:

more brand examples coming soon.

Idea: Mantra Tees

All t-shirts are statements about yourself to the outside world. Why not to wear a t-shirt with a statement to yourself?

The brand's name can be:

The wearer can read the t-shirt's message each time he or she is infront of a mirror, i.e. at home, in public toilet, in a reflection of glass on the street or indoors, etc.

some examples of MantraTees:

If you would like to buy some of these t-shirts, pls visit my tee shop.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Low Price Promise ( You may believe )

idea for a super store that wants to communicate low prices:

works nicely as viral video testimonials as well:

Goodbye Advertising


Idea: Personal Bookmarks for eBooks?

there are many ebooks around written in pdf format...and many of them are pretty long. So why not to create a special bookmarking widget inside the pdf viewer for easy access to our favourite parts?

click on pic to enlarge.

bookmarks can be created using personal tagging. thus one can always access favourite quotes or text passages from the book without wasting lots of time searching through the whole ebook.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Goodbye old advertising, welcome open source advertising! Check this out:

How often have you seen a commercial or advertisement and known that you could have created something better? Traditionally, access to lucrative corporate accounts and inclusion in their advertising process was limited to large and established ad agencies. Welcome to - a swedish company that has an ambition to change this advertising process and be the vehicle that enables you to present your concept.

To put it real simple, Mypitch arranges real advertising competitions/challenges, open for everyone to join and get paid for it too!

The Bitter Ones:

and The Originals:

It seems that promiscuity is really in vogue nowadays: consumers are promiscuous with brands, brands are promiscuous with advertising agencies and now creatives are given a chance to level up with ad agencies! Doesn't it remind you the freeloving culture of the hippies?
In business: Make love, not war.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Indian beggars

more on the idea

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Examples of truely engaging advertising!

Another smartly mutilated billboard in Berlin mitte. Headline on the poster reads:

Never before the white was so red.

It looks like someone got on the scaffoldings behind the poster, cut it through and poured some red paint on the car.

Also a couple of days ago I was driving by a billboard ... the ad featured big packshot of Lucky Strikes cigarettes with some headline. What was really amusing - over the packshot someone thickly sprayed: Ich rauche joint! (I smoke joints!). I didn't have my camera then to take a snap, but when I returned the next day - the billboard was already replaced! That's German efficiency for you ;).

I wonder, as this anti-ads activism is growing (at least in the urban hipster areas for now) what are they going to do when it starts happening on a regular basis and everywhere? To place 24 hour police guards next to every billboard in the city? Or make less boring ads?

More examples:

Headline: Berlin is liquidly again! Tag: So what?

Headline: Everywhere free television! Tag: Distraction ("television" crossed out)

self congratulating poster: "We are the best electricity provider of 2008!"
crossed out and signed: "The client"

Thursday, May 15, 2008


This idea is inspired by this simple and yet brilliant idea (from CHI & Partners advertising agency) - where people are invited to join a vertual march to show support for Friends of the Earth. To join you have to upload your video which shows you marching.

Why not to ask people to send their laughing videos in support, let's say, Cancer Research?

so maybe the project can be called laughforcancer or something like that.


they say laughter is contagious and promotes good health (article)

and while we are on it, why not kissforpeace or shagforaids... ?

sorry, i do get carried away sometimes...

here's an idea I was playing with a few of years ago, which is kind of relevant ...

Astralia - the future travel agency.

click on the image to enlarge

actually i don't think it's a too crazy idea...(maybe a premature one thou)... but i am sure in the future the government's attitude towards psychedelic drugs will be different... the technology will make it safe to use and people will be free to explore the realms of alternative states of consciousness without fear and for the benefit of all. love & peace ;)

Idea: Double monarchy in Russia (proposal)

Russian democracy is doing ok... but not as ok as it could. why? cos it's such a huge country with so many diverse cultures and interests... so in the end nobody is really 100% satisfied from the proccess of democratic decision making. So... oligarchs are ruling in modern russia.
besides (if you look from historical perspective) russia has been always more productive (from political and economic pov) when it had monarhy. so i thought, why not to combine both - democracy and monarchy - namely to have 2 monarchs instead of one?
they could compete with each other (just like political parties do)... and to be true to the cultural roots at the same time. (yes, russians always liked their monarchs, unlike the communist rulers)

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Idea: Spiritual Corporate Experiment

The objective:

To produce a special documentary series that studies the effects of business philanthropy on the businesses themselves.

The documentary, let's call it Spiritual Corporate Experiment for now, will aim to find tangible evidence that charity has a positive effect on business not only from the public relations perspective, but mainly on the spiritual economics levels. i.e. spiritual law of the universe - What you freely give away comes back to you manyfold (or for every dollar selfishlessly spent for the common good, the universe will definately return some form of goodness multiplied).

This is how we can structure the experiment:

1. We invite 10 leaders from corporate business communities to freely give away, let's say from 1 to 5 million dollars each for an immideate selfishless investment in a good cause. (It can be both private or corporate donation).

2. For the next 12 months* a group of researches from different disciplines will be closely monitoring and collecting evidence in support of the spiritual law at work. Analysis of the data, video footage, personal testimonials and commentaries from the brightest minds of different disciplines (quantum physicists, metaphysicists, phsycologists, economists, philosopers, etc.) to be featured in the final documentary series that will be produced after the completion of the 12 months period.

The research team will be looking for positive manifistations on:

a) organisation level: inside (culture, moral, loyalty, etc) and outside (sales, stocks, PR, etc)
b) personal level: professional (career, work relations, etc) and private (health, happiness, family, etc)

* - the project can have an open date, but we need to set a minimum, hence 12 months.

note: as voluntary contributions may vary (from 1 to 5 million dollars), this will be also considered in proportion with "goodness returned" and compared. Doing this experiment on a scientific level may reveal suprising insights!

To start this experiment we need to do:

1. Initial capital to kick-start the project. So I think we need a sponsor. I believe that BBC will be a good choice since they already producing Business Unusual programs and a lot of progressive stuff comes from them. On the other hand, it could be any progressive and open-minded sponsor. (Suggestions welcomed!)

2. To spread this idea as wide as possible to generate global attention. Via blogs, social networks and other channels simply to convey the message - we want this experiment to be done!


The benefits of this project:

1. For businesses involved - excellent PR
2. For businesses not involved - an example that "giving is good for business"
3. For the rest of us (the world) - a hope that capitalism can be more human ;)


for those of you who are not familiar with spiritual principles I talk about, click
on the following links to find out more:


The Law of Attraction

this is just a start, there's plenty of related information online about it.

the project is under development.

if you have any questions or would like to contribute / take part, pls don't hesitate to contact me.

Idea: ZenLotto - Everybody wins.

In the past you were what you owned. Now you are what you share. (see my previous post on Lovertising).
Why not to apply this principle to lottery as well?

the idea is that the jackpot winner always shares half of the winnings either with the rest of the players (they get 50% of their investment back)... or with a special fund (i.e. called ZenFund) that invests solely in projects of public interests, i.e. builds more city green zones, renovates old buildings, etc.

the decision with whom to share the jackpot is desided randomly, by the colour of the winning number, for example.

Monday, May 05, 2008

What is Lovertising? (1st draft)

The aim is to come up with an alternative to traditional (and increasingly unloved) advertising. Here's a rough outline of how lovertising is different from advertising.

Lovertising agency:

1. believes in higher values besides just making a profit.

2. believes consumption is more about experiences and services than things.

3. believes that brands should be more charitable and sharing towards consumers.

4. believes in intelligent and respectful engagement with consumers (as opposed to loud and disruptive tactics)

5. believes that integrity of communication is sacred.

6. believes that positive tactics are more effective then intimidation or scaretactics.

7. believes its good to promote more conscious spending

I will follow this post with more elaborations in the nearest future.


here are some links that inspired me to write this post:

The Future of Advertising
(paul isakson blog)

a brilliant youtube video from Charles Leadbeater:


and here's another lovertising example - Thanksgiving promotion (from my earlier post)

love & peace...

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Idea: Good News vs Bad News

why not to create a special widget that would show a statistical balance between the bad and good news that are being broadcasted by most popular news media channels?

benefit # 1: you don't have to actually listen to the news media thus sparing yourself from the negative vibes... and still have a rough picture of the state of the world (besides you can always turn the sound on if you really need to know the details).

here's a video explaing how it might work:

benefit # 2: the widget will make it more obvious what kind of political agenda this news channel is pushing, i.e. being more (or less) negative about a particular news event in comparison to other news channels.


watch this video that shows the semantics war in news coverage:

Lovertising vs Hatevertising

Following the simple truth (what goes around, comes around) here's a simple clip on the subject of intimidation and disrespect towards smokers.


a more elaborate video presentation about the negative effects of anti-smoking hatevertising propaganda can be found on youtube - The Law of Attraction vs Anti-Smoking campaign

also here is a spoof animation about how easily statistics can be manipulated to create a desired public opinion (a pretty common practice in politics and advertising) :

Bread vs Cigarette from xgeronimo on Vimeo.

Saturday, May 03, 2008


Why not create a watch that can tell us not only time but it's quality too?

This is a version of 4 basic emotional modules. Customers can choose how detailed their modules should be, i.e. more than four. The watch also has programmable alerting system.

(Inspired by beautifully designed Bell Ross watches)

The watch updates you on the quality of your time in real time.

Special sensors fitted on the back of the watch can analyse the basic bio-chemical processes of your body (temperature, pulse, moisture, etc.) and based on that data the watch can accurately show your current emotional state. It does so through the use of changing colours* on the display.**

* Colours vary depending on the intensity of each state.
** You have an option to temporarily disable the ambience display and switch to a neutral white colour look, but all the data will still be stored on a chip and all the time sequences can be re-played later. Or uploaded on a computer via wifi for a more detailed report and analysis.