Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Idea: VoxBox for social media

How it works:

We let people record a sound with their mouth (just like beatboxing) via their webcams and store it on a special website... it could be a musical note (do,re,me,fa,so,la,si,do), imitation of a music instrument, a drone, whistle, unusual sound, etc.)... and then build an app that can put these sounds in certain musical style templates (dubstep, drum'n'base, hip hop, etc)... so it will be like social beatbox...
Since the sounds come with the visuals the program will also create a video rmx with actual faces making the sound... this will make a perfect viral video for youtube: facebook voxbox competition with different FaceBook friends circles competing for the best vox mix.

Here’s an example of music keyboard interface:

With all the usual sound machine special effects and controls.

Beatboxing is an increasingly popular style of making tunes with a mouth. Here’s a reference link to the current beatboxing champion Birdyman from UK (my favourite)

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