Friday, May 28, 2010

Playing God with ants

is a book that i will or will not write.

There is an old hermetic axiom: as above, so below. This made me assume our reality as a fractal of a bigger (incomprehensible) world... and this in turn made me think that we people must be subjects to a higher levels of intelligence (Gods)... and this made me imagine how lower consciousness life forms must be "looking up" to us humans - we must be gods for them!
Now here's another twinkle of a thought: if everything is a fractal of an infinite cosmic progression it would be fair to suppose that the way we, as gods, treat our low consciousness brothers (like ants for example) is intimately linked to the way our gods (superior brothers) treat us. As above, so below.

On a practical side, the book might be about how to develop a magickal way of seeing reality to gain more control over (increasingly chaotic) everyday life. That implies chucking away old conventional wisdom we were taught by our outdated educational system and upgrading for the new ones, i.e:

Believing is seeing and not the other way around as we've been programmed.

The truth is a process and not a fixed state (it has expiration dates like memes).

Subjective reality dictates objective reality.

Brain is a hardware, mind is a code that gets regularly re-written by forces of nature.

We can befriend viruses (change agents of life) to gain more control of the desired outcome.

Influencing collective mind of ants is similar to influencing collective mind of people.

In short, the book might be about right brain technology magick.

I quite like this cover:

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