Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Idea: For discreet phone calls talk to Orange

Gone are the days when it was cool to be seen talking loud on a mobile phone in a public place. Now it is just annoying when you are forced to listen to people talking to their phones when you sit next to them on a tube, in a restaurant or standing in a supermarket's queue. And what about those who find themselves in a crowded place and would like to have a discreet phone talk? When you are stuck in a lift full of people even whispering wouldn't help. So why not to design a special mobile accessoire gadget that would solve this problem? For example, a special sound insulating cover for the mouth (like a small mouth mask). The mask will have a special wireless microphone connected to a mobile phone. It can be made from a soft jelly material that can be attached to the mouth of the speaker (principle of a suction cup or else).
Below is an example I used for Orange. (Just because I like oranges.)

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