Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Idea: 5 Star Special Edition Books

To (re)publish a book with doodles and margin notes of 5 popular celebrities.

Each chosen celebrity person would be given a "clean" virsion of the book to read and asked to leave his/her comments on the book's pages. Every celebrity would have a different colour in case they write on the same page. The result would be a special edition with comments of all five "stars" in one book - which is a high value bonus in a culture obsessed with fame.

On the back of the book one can see individual Celebrity Involvement Charts showing which parts of the book they found particularly interesting or otherwise.

The idea works particularly well with popular non-fiction books, i.e. personal or growth, or books on contraversial subjects llike climate change.

It works well in a digital format, but having a real "analog" makes it very special.

Click on the example below to enlarge:

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