Monday, July 16, 2007


This is a current project of Xgeronimo in Auroville. (International lab city for a sustainable future models).

Traditional advertising mediums (TV, Outdoor, Press, etc.) are generally too expensive.

This always makes advertisers to be interested in alternative (and cheaper) places to display their ads.

Consumers are getting more environmentally conscious and thus expecting their brands to be more environmentally active too.

Why not to offer advertisers to “recycle” their old ads on a new, original medium as well as sponsoring an environmental project?

Here’s how:

1. We produce at least 1000 shopping bags made from old newspapers.

2. For a moderate donation we promise advertisers to “recycle” their old newspaper ads by gluing them on our 1000 recycled shopping bags.

3. We involve several newspapers to create necessary publicity.

4. We freely distribute our bags with ads across several selected shops and supermarkets in Pondi (and maybe later across the country) as free alternative shopping bags.

5. Money generated from “re-selling” old ads will be invested in various environmental community projects.

The bags will be made only from eco-friendly or recycled materials. Brands that aren’t sensitive to environmental issues won’t be involved in the project.

to be continued.

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