Sunday, May 18, 2008

Examples of truely engaging advertising!

Another smartly mutilated billboard in Berlin mitte. Headline on the poster reads:

Never before the white was so red.

It looks like someone got on the scaffoldings behind the poster, cut it through and poured some red paint on the car.

Also a couple of days ago I was driving by a billboard ... the ad featured big packshot of Lucky Strikes cigarettes with some headline. What was really amusing - over the packshot someone thickly sprayed: Ich rauche joint! (I smoke joints!). I didn't have my camera then to take a snap, but when I returned the next day - the billboard was already replaced! That's German efficiency for you ;).

I wonder, as this anti-ads activism is growing (at least in the urban hipster areas for now) what are they going to do when it starts happening on a regular basis and everywhere? To place 24 hour police guards next to every billboard in the city? Or make less boring ads?

More examples:

Headline: Berlin is liquidly again! Tag: So what?

Headline: Everywhere free television! Tag: Distraction ("television" crossed out)

self congratulating poster: "We are the best electricity provider of 2008!"
crossed out and signed: "The client"

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