Saturday, May 03, 2008


Why not create a watch that can tell us not only time but it's quality too?

This is a version of 4 basic emotional modules. Customers can choose how detailed their modules should be, i.e. more than four. The watch also has programmable alerting system.

(Inspired by beautifully designed Bell Ross watches)

The watch updates you on the quality of your time in real time.

Special sensors fitted on the back of the watch can analyse the basic bio-chemical processes of your body (temperature, pulse, moisture, etc.) and based on that data the watch can accurately show your current emotional state. It does so through the use of changing colours* on the display.**

* Colours vary depending on the intensity of each state.
** You have an option to temporarily disable the ambience display and switch to a neutral white colour look, but all the data will still be stored on a chip and all the time sequences can be re-played later. Or uploaded on a computer via wifi for a more detailed report and analysis.

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