Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Goodbye old advertising, welcome open source advertising! Check this out:

How often have you seen a commercial or advertisement and known that you could have created something better? Traditionally, access to lucrative corporate accounts and inclusion in their advertising process was limited to large and established ad agencies. Welcome to - a swedish company that has an ambition to change this advertising process and be the vehicle that enables you to present your concept.

To put it real simple, Mypitch arranges real advertising competitions/challenges, open for everyone to join and get paid for it too!

The Bitter Ones:

and The Originals:

It seems that promiscuity is really in vogue nowadays: consumers are promiscuous with brands, brands are promiscuous with advertising agencies and now creatives are given a chance to level up with ad agencies! Doesn't it remind you the freeloving culture of the hippies?
In business: Make love, not war.

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