Monday, May 05, 2008

What is Lovertising? (1st draft)

The aim is to come up with an alternative to traditional (and increasingly unloved) advertising. Here's a rough outline of how lovertising is different from advertising.

Lovertising agency:

1. believes in higher values besides just making a profit.

2. believes consumption is more about experiences and services than things.

3. believes that brands should be more charitable and sharing towards consumers.

4. believes in intelligent and respectful engagement with consumers (as opposed to loud and disruptive tactics)

5. believes that integrity of communication is sacred.

6. believes that positive tactics are more effective then intimidation or scaretactics.

7. believes its good to promote more conscious spending

I will follow this post with more elaborations in the nearest future.


here are some links that inspired me to write this post:

The Future of Advertising
(paul isakson blog)

a brilliant youtube video from Charles Leadbeater:


and here's another lovertising example - Thanksgiving promotion (from my earlier post)

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