Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Idea to promote a car brand

A reality TV/Web road adventure series which might be called “Lost in a city”. The idea is to drop members of the public in a random city of the world (part of the adventure is to find out where exactly you are!) with just a credit card, mobile phone, video camera and a car… for a limited period of time, say a couple of days or a couple of weeks. The participants would be instructed to arrive at a certain time to a special “pick up” place (which they would have to find out!) from where they would be taken back to their homes. A series of clues are given how to find out the time and place for the pick up, as well as an emergency contact number. Each participant is expected to keep a daily video diary which will be later used in the series.

Alternatively, the idea would work well for an international car rental company!

Here’s an example:

Frank and Lola wake up (after hypnosis or sedatives!?) in a car somewhere in a city of Cairo. There is an envelope with further instructions, mobile phone, credit card and a small video camera. They have 48 hours to find out where they are, a hotel where they would be given further instructions (several clues are to be found which would lead to information regarding the pick up place).

Alternatively, we can elaborate that and introduce more “drama” (for the next 48 hours) where the adventures would be more “scripted”, i.e. embedding actors and “problems” to overcome. Maybe later on participants will be able to choose a different “flavour” for their adventure, i.e. scary, romantic, lots of car chasing and action, mystery solving…etc.

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