Monday, June 01, 2009

Idea: Money of the future

In the future we shall have different money currency from what we are having now.
And it won’t be Euro or Dollar or Gold or any other currency attached to a solid object. I believe that the future money currency will be ENERGY. Why? Because everything is energy. And energy is everything. Our future “money” will resemble a system of energy circulation in nature with the same principle applied to our society.

Our future money won’t have a fixed physical property, like coins or banknotes. It will be pure energy, perhaps digitally encoded and divided into special currency units and it could be called something like Energy Currency Unit (ECU), or Chi, or else.

This energy based currency has a big advantage over "normal" money. Money has to be constantly reprinted to control it’s value. Energy, on the other hand, we cannot artificially create nor can we physically destroy it. We can only manage it or transform from one state to another, i.e. kinetic energy into physical energy, etc. Money is abstract and relative. Energy is concrete and permanent. So, a money system that is based on energy principle is a naturally sustainable system (which goes well with the growing in popularity idea of resource economy!).

Another major difference of ECU-Chi currency over Euro, Dollar, etc is that it opens up totally new ways how to earn and manage your energy-money.

Here’s an example: Say you are broke and need some money. With present money system you are obviously not allowed to print some for yourself but have to do some specialized work in order to be paid. In the future you can “make” your own ECUs using your natural resources. Or in other words you can convert one type of energy into ECU-Chi using special “energy converters” (a special technology that would allow us to recycle all sorts of energy and store it). For instance, personal e-converters would be able to transform ordinary physical energy into a specially encoded kinetic type sort of energy to be stored there in ECU-Chi format. When it is full you can transfer your “money” into you bank account or charge up your shopping paycard.
So, if you are stuck with no money you can always have an option to top up you account by converting your own physical energy into "money". Say, a few hours of dancing would produce energy worth approximately 1 ECU-Chi. If you are fit you can make quite a bit of “pocket money”. When everybody can “sweat out” instant money at will, it would make the current concept of unemployment not quite the same. Moreover – there will be less fat people!

Of course we already have examples of this technology trend – night clubs with energy storing floors, gym machines to charge batteries, etc. All this technology eventually will go personal (like computers and cell phones). When this happens, we can expect a radical shift from traditional money value system towards more sustainable and liberating future.

Here are some positive things to expect out of it:

There will be less crime!
There won’t be starving people!
And there won’t be any more credit crunches either!

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