Friday, June 12, 2009

Idea: LeBay is the new eBay

Strategic reasoning: In the time of recession people tend to buy less and share more. So why not to design a new product that would let people auction their items only for temporary use?
It’s like leasing meets ebay. Let’s call it LeBay for example:

As part of marketing strategy to launch the site we invite special celebrity guests to rent out some of their personal items to general public. The money raised from their rented out belongings will go to a charity of their choice. i.e. Madonna rents out her old sofa to support hungry children in Africa, or Ronaldo rents out his car to support decriminalization of marijuana, whatever.

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Anonymous said...


my name is ralf and we allready have worked out a business concept based on that idea. We never made it to launch the site as we have no programming skills and no money to invest. But the idea was slightly different. It should be all for free - you skratch me and I skratch you. There is allready an old site online I think, but as so often great Idea mad execution. We bought the domain and several others in that direction and we would be happy to share our idea and bring it to life. So if you or any body else is interested just write me an email