Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Idea: iPhone app develops mobile app that allows users to ask questions speaking directly into microphone and receive vocal answers (from Jeeves).

The app would convert audio questions into text, send the query online, the best text results would be converted back to voice spoken by animated Jeeves figure.

The convenience of this idea was inspired when I was lying on a beach trying to find Osiris constellation in the night sky. Sometimes it's easier to use your voice rather than typing- reading when looking for answers.

The search engine would scan wiki, blogs and other online portals to find the best possible answer. After answering the question Jeeves would ask if the user is happy with the first answer. If not, Jeeves gives another one.

Jeeves is multilingual and is capable to learn the user's habits.
The app can also function as a mobile browser.

TV ad shows curious kids and lazy dad. He gives them his phone with Jeeves who now plays substitute dad. Other examples may include digital Jeeves playing a scientist, teacher or even a politician.

Promo: competition between 2 teams both using the app - who finds the first right answer gets a prize.

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Svetlana said...

Дааааа..., лень - это мощный фактор в развитии технологий!!! Следующий шаг - всем студентам и школьникам по IPad! Вместо учебников и учителей! :)