Sunday, April 18, 2010

Rant: Why bother to pay for news?

i am subscribed to creativity online free (not spam free!) newsletter. they send me headlines of the news and if i want to read more, i click on the link that takes me to creativity online page... where i am greeted with a message that tells me that i have to pay to proceed further!

i.e. today in their newsletter they mentioned about a new mob app called Starling but wouldnt let me read about it on their page.
so i googled Starling and got tons of info on it: reviews, pics, videos, etc.
(in fact, i have to do this routine all the time!)

my point is:

Why bother with all this subscription paywall at all when it drives its potential readers to other (often better!) sources?

ok, i understand it might work with some sort of exclusive or special content ... but news in general can't be exclusive! And Creativity Online is just all about general news from ad and marketing industry and very little else. anything they report can be easily obtained for free elsewhere online.

... and then all these "only members can leave comments or rate" signs... that alone is so daft!

which brings me to a conclusion:

In the future the news would pay us to read their news!

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