Thursday, August 19, 2010

On mushrooms

As a tree grows old it accumulates fungus. Fungus controls deterioration of the tree’s tissue. It is possible to imagine that fungus is a program that is written by non humans (fungus comes from space with cosmic dust). Human body also carries fungus that controls metabolism and aging process. The key to prolonging human life is the fungus. Sooner or later we have to realize it. Now, how does earth fungus get cosmic program updates? Through cosmic radiation. Today we have dramatic increase of electromagnetic radiation coming from the sun (sun spots). But also all other planets in our galaxy get more radio active. Our bodily fungus is a transmitter/receiver of cosmic radiation that hacks into our DNA and re-edits the code. There is evidence to suggest that fungus has been a catalyst of ape to human consciousness. We can also assume that the ongoing cosmic processes directly relates to our emotional states of being.

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