Saturday, November 13, 2010

Idea: H2OLY brand of drinking water

It's been proven scientifically that molecular structure of water can be influenced by the power of thought.

Why not produce a special brand of drinking water, for example called 'H2OLY', the properties of which can be directly programmed by the user?

The name is displayed on the label in the middle of the sacred geometric symbol called 'the seed of life':

To activate the 'programming' the user has to scratch off the label to reveal the code (mantra, prayer, etc.), for example:

Scratching off the silver film and reading the code loud is itself an act of magickal participation that would activate the program and charge the water with psycho-chemical properties beneficial for each individual (thirsty) person.

p.s. If I was the Pope, I would be giving away these h2oly water bottles in a true christian caring tradition - for free!

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