Thursday, May 05, 2011

2 suggestions to SAMSUNG

I use Samsung HD video camera and quite happily. But there are too things that annoy me:

1. The 'PLAY' buttons in the editing software (that comes with the camera) are just too huge which makes difficult to identify each individual clip in the library. You can see from the screenshot below that it covers almost the entire image. I suggest to make it at least3 times smaller and position it in the bottom right corner of the thumb rather than in the center:

2. The Mode button (to switch between 'record' and 'play') is positioned quite inconveniently - it is too easy to press it accidentally, especially when you film from the hand and in a hurry.
It is placed right in front of the Zoom button, see image below. For this particular camera I suggest to swap the positions - first Zoom, then Mode:

Apart from these 2 little problems the camera and its editing application are very good.


the reply from Samsung next day:

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