Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Alien Anonymous message to Hollywood

We, Alien Anonymous, are of the opinion that the way you portray us in your movies is daft and misleading. You portray us as 'bad guys' who want to destroy your civilization. You portray us combating your people with primitive technology of nuts and bolts, big guns and explosions!

We also feel that now is the time to educate you and your audience about the state of our technology and the level of consciousness we operate in:

1. Technology: if we wanted to conquer you, we would never combat you with guns and explosions, the technology that is obviously very detrimental to the environment. We would use much more advanced technology capable to manipulate your psyche and DNA which would make you unable to use your guns against us. We also have the ability to deactivate ALL of your 'high-tech' weaponry so that you won't be able to fire a single shot or launch a single rocket. Your planes wouldn't be able fly. Your generals and soldiers would be put 'asleep'. We hope you get the picture.

2. Consciousness: it is pretty naive on your part to assume that we operate on the same primitive level of consciousness as you humans do. You still use wars as means for solving problems. You still believe that banning something is going to make it disappear. You still use scarcity to generate profits. And we also understand that the way you portray us in your movies is merely a projection of your existential fears and insecurities.

3. Conclusion: Hollywood film makers! Fear not! We have watched you and your planet for many thousands of years and if we wanted to harm you, we could have done it many times. It is not our intention to conquer you or your planet. Why? Because having the luxury of being a step or two higher on the evolutionary ladder means we are more on the side of Love and further away from Fear.

We hope you find our feedback useful. We also hope it would encourage you to portray us more imaginatively!

In peace and light, Alien Anonymous.

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