Sunday, June 24, 2012

Concept: Postcards as magick talismans

There are 7 cards. Each card is designed as a planetary talisman corresponding to a particular day of a week. Each talismanic card focuses on a particular spiritual force that, when ‘activated’, can help in achieving personal dreams and goals.

Concept of mandala design:

A sacred name of planetary intelligence is spun around with a precise number of divisions to create a dynamic ‘vortex’ with a centre. (example above: Moon mandala with 81 divisions.) A word placed in the centre of this vortex automatically acquires its dynamic properties.

Graphics of the talisman include:

1. Name and glyph of the planet.
2. Glyph of the intelligence.
3. Mandala of the intelligence’s glyph with corresponding number of divisions.
4. Sacred numbers corresponding to the planet.
5. Planetary seal.
6. Space inside the mandala to write your wish.

How to use talismanic cards:

1. Make a wish.
2. Choose a card with talismanic properties related to your wish. For example, Venus properties are helpful in matters of the heart; Mars is useful when you need aggressive energy boost; Mercury helps in matters of communication and business, and so on. (see the full list below)
3. Print the card and write a wish in the centre of mandala. 
4. Put the card in an envelope, write down your own postal address on it and post it to yourself on the day of the week corresponding to the card. For example, Moon is for Monday, Mars is for Tuesday, etc. (If your post office is not open on Sunday, just drop it in the letter box.) 
5. Once you receive your post card back, the talisman would be officially ‘activated’ on the date indicated on the post office stamp. 

Talismanic properties of the planets: 

1. Sunday. Ruled by intelligence of the Sun: Michael 
Helps in matters of: Intelligence, Healing, Motion, Loftiness, Fortune, Public reputation, Authority over the masses, Fatherhood, Friendship, Honors, Wisdom, Happiness and Purification. 

2. Monday. Ruled by intelligence of the Moon: Gabriel Helps in matters of: Instincts, Conception, Emotions, Marriage, Nurture, Motherhood, Dreams, Psychic Powers and Intuition. 

3. Tuesday. Ruled by intelligence of Mars: Camael Helps in matters of: Forcefulness, Vitality, Endurance, Aggression, Self-Defense, Power, Strength and Courage. 

4. Wednesday. Ruled by intelligence of Mercury: Raphael 
Helps in matters of: Intelligence, Communication, Business, Judgment, Travel, Skills, Memory, Transportation, Education and Arts. 

5. Thursday. Ruled by intelligence of Jupiter: Sachiel 
Helps in matters of: Expansiveness, Abundance, Luck, Wealth, Health, Honor, Wisdom, High Position and Authority. 

6. Friday. Ruled by intelligence of Venus: Anael 
Helps in matters of: Love, Pleasure, Beauty, Growth, Social Graces, Harmony, Emotions, Inspiration, Art and Friendship. 

7. Saturday. Ruled by intelligence of Saturn: Cassiel 
Helps in matters of: Responsibility, Patience, Steadfastness, Fate, Time, Limitations, Self-Control and Work.

The full set of cards here.

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