Thursday, July 26, 2012

My Big Bang theory ft. Ouroboros

The problem of conventional scientists to explain the origin of Big Bang seems to me quite obvious - they miss a spiritual element in their equations.

This is how I see the cause and origin of Big Bang:


I see the Attractor (Cause) being similar to Black Worm. Its head is in the Invisible World and its tail in the Visible World. The Worm 'spits out' the idea of a Universe, the idea penetrates the 'veil' and appears in the visible world as a dot. This is the instance of Big Bang and beginning of the visible phenomena of the idea. The universe is 'pushed' from the Invisible world, in the Visible world it is 'pulled' back to the original source - the mysterious Cause-Attractor, which is the magnetically charged tail ( back side) of the Worm.

As the visible Universe is getting closer to the tail of the Worm it accelerates, until eventually it reaches its Cause and flips back into the Invisible world towards the other side of the Worm. ('Head' and 'Tail' are opposite sides of the Black Worm which has a shape of a doughnut.)
In philosophy the Black Worm is referred as Nous (Universal Mind). In ancient mysticism it was pictured as Ouroboros.

Back in the Invisible 'brain' of the Ouroboros the Universe is being 'copied' in the Mind (memory), 'enriched' with a memory of a previous incident (cycle) and propelled further down the line to make a new cycle of its perpetual evolution.

The Black Worm evolves itself by following the same circular pattern through the body ('head' and 'tail') of its own Creator - a superior Cause.

I will expand this idea in my new upcoming book.

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