Sunday, July 29, 2012

The future of science

At the moment we have a ‘real science’ distancing itself from what is called a ‘pseudo science’.
The former is mainstream and based on materialistic and mechanical understanding of the nature of reality. The latter is wider in its perceptions and holds more esoteric view on the nature of causality. Both seem to be mutually incompatible.

 On the other hand, both circles of scientific activity can be seen to have a symbiotic relationship. ‘Real’ and ‘pseudo’ compliment each other and are different degrees of a bigger or higher system of scientific thought. For example, ‘real’ science, just by its conforming qualities, motivates ‘pseudo’ scientists to work on alternative solutions. On the other hand, ‘pseudo’ scientists often influence and inspire the ‘real’ ones with ‘off the wall’ concepts. In short, both views need and feed off each other.

I see the future evolution of human science in reconciliation of ‘real’ and ‘pseudo’ for the common goal of higher truth. Just like a symbiotic relationship happening between humans and animals. Cats and dogs, for example, they give love and affection to the owner, and they get shelter, food and proper care. Therefore, both species have something to gain from this process.


The future of human sciences will be a cross-section of spiritual and material schools of thought. Self-restrictive dominance of materialistic view certainly will be dropped. All currently dismissed spiritual knowledge of humanity will be re-integrated in the system and become a valid data for further scientific research. (Note: they were not separated until 500 years ago or so.)

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