Monday, September 24, 2012

Automatic drawing and painting time-lapse

Automatic drawing is a drawing which is produced from a subconscious, and/or external and/or spiritual source without conscious awareness of the content. In this session I mix it with sigil magick.

The following video is a time-lapse of a ritual painting with the following stages:

1. Getting myself blindfolded and performing a shamanic spinning around dance to get myself into a state of trance (gnosis).
2. Starting to draw figures and shapes (still blindfolded) while mentally repeating my SOI (statement of intent) and letting my hand to move freely as it wishes.
3. When the drawing part is done, removing the mask and enhancing the lines (some didn't turn out very clear).
4. Colouring the shapes.

Soundtrack: Fluorescent Records, World View EP - River Gods

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