Friday, March 19, 2010

Idea: Magickal Console

Below are specially designed temporary tattoos for performing magick. Click on the pic to enlarge.

The console is loosely based on principles used in modern NLP (which borrowed most of its ideas from ancient hermetic teachings btw!):

1. Choose a desired state of consciousness.
2. Anchor it to the button
3. Recall that state of consciousness by pressing the button.

I have chosen 6 main desired states and programmed them into glyphs (buttons):

1. Mental power and concentration
2. Physical power and endurance

3. Invisibility state (achieved by reducing your light body/aura into a dot)
4. Astral travel and remote viewing

5. Protection shield (looping up energy)
6. Gnosis (alpha brain waves) for magickal visualisations

The button in the middle of the metatron grid (6 pointed star shape) acts as the console's on/off switch.

The four glyphs near the wrist are thought forms designed to aid the process.

The choice of buttons can vary. Some people might want to create different buttons (states) depending on their current personal needs, i.e. buttons against insomnia, buttons to evoke a state of tipsiness (great money saver!), buttons for courage, and etc.

Nota bene: There's a special magickal technique how to program desired states of being into glyphs just in 21 days which I will write more about in the future.

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