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"Of what use, then, is the divination performed by one who has not spiritual discernment? And can one expect to find spiritual discernment in the hack occultist who gives so much for half-a-crown, and so much more for ten shillings? Spiritual things are not done in this way." Dion Fortune

Following the idea about combining magick (right brain technology) and marketing (left brain technology) here's

what we think would be the most appropriate way to charge for such service:

In our magickal works we don’t offer a tariff based pricing as we believe it will be detrimental to the outcome. In order for magick to work a genuine “sacrifice” has to be made. The value of “sacrifice” is personal for each individual and has therefore to be determined by each individual client.

Let me explain what I mean by “sacrifice”. And here we aren’t talking necessarily about pagan blood letting or sacrificing virgins!

What we mean is: in order to achieve our desired (magickal) outcome the client has to cement his belief by offering something that is very dear to him in exchange, in a similar way to the ancient civilizations did when they were asking their gods for miracles. Very important, the sacrifice has to be very genuine otherwise it won’t work. Imagine the Egyptians trying to fob off their gods by sacrificing their sickly calf instead of their prized bull! They wouldn’t have done this because they knew it just wouldn’t have worked.

So in modern terms, a client has to personally determine his value of the outcome by asking this question:

How important is the success of the outcome for me?

When he can honestly answer this question it is for him to determine the monetary value of the service. So it can’t be emphasized enough that the importance of honest evaluation is paramount to obtaining positive results.

Using conventional pricing methods in magick doesn’t often yield the desired results. For two simple reasons:

1. Many people are excluded from benefiting from these types of treatments simply because the fixed prices are out of their reach.

2. Those who can simply afford it are unlikely to feel that they are making any kind of personal sacrifice because it is well within their price range and therefore undervalued (from their perspective).

Of course there will be a group in the middle whose personal evaluation would match the given price of the service but this definitely won’t be the majority.

This “personal sacrifice” price system (or magickal price) not only solves the so common problem of mistrust (profit above all!) but also promotes principles of personal responsibility and higher consciousness, both for practitioners and their clients.

Technically it would work in 2 simple steps:

1. A client reads and signs a copy of the contract that explains how to make a conscious personal “magickal” price.

2. When the “sacrifice” is submitted, the work begins.

Magickal price system is also suited for products and services that deal with spiritual healing, alternative therapies… or any other areas that require the client’s active psychic participation and a use of right brain technologies.

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