Friday, October 17, 2008

Idea: International Vote of Sympathy (website)

I am not a US citizen, but if I had a chance (as an outsider) to cast my vote of sympathy - it would definately be the Doctor.

Then I thought, well... maybe it's not such a bad idea to set up a website that where people from all over the world could cast their VOTES OF SYMPATHY for the candidates of their choice. Obviously they won't be counted as "real" votes, but would provide a lot of insight into how people in different parts of the world feel/think about dofferent elections and their candidates..

Now, some critics of this idea may say that it's a private american issue, etc... BUT i wud say - not really. The US foreign policy of invading countries (under excuse of "preemptive strike") and muddling in foreign policies of other sovereign states in the last couple of decades made it a less private issue.

I also think that international community should cast their sympathy votes also during election times in France, Germany, Russia... etc. In short any country in the world where nataional / foreign policies have a significunt effect on the rest of the world.


RonPaul2008dotcomluv sent me email informing that such a website already exists:

thanx, RonPaul2008dotcomluv

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